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Find frequently asked questions below! Please reach out through the contact page with additional questions. 


Don't know your size? Ordering a sizing kit is the preferred method. You can measure yourself however, this method tends to not be accurate and if measured wrong Nailed by Janay does not take responsibility for nails that don't fit. 

How to measure: Place a piece of tape across the widest part of your natural nail. Mark where your nail meets the skin on each side. Place the piece of tape on a ruler to get the measurement in mm. Repeat for all nails. 

Processing Times

Custom sets take on average 3-5 business days to complete then ship. Sets will be shipped the next business day from completed order. 


Soak your nails in warm water with either dish soap or olive oil. Soaking your press-on nails in a bowl of warm water with soap or oil will help to loosen them.

Place your fingertips in the water and let your nails soak for about 5-10 minutes.

  • Gently lift the sides of the nails with the orange stick provided in the application kit. 

  • After about 10 minutes of soaking your fingertips, remove them from the water and gently peel off the nails.

  • Do not force the nails off. 

  • Repeat the process till all nails are off. 

  • Soaking in acetone will damage the press on nail. 

  • Use the provided buffer to remove residual glue. 


Currently domestic shipping is a flat rate of $5 

Application Kits

All orders include an application kit that includes a nail file, buffer, orange stick, glue, and alcohol pads. 

How do I reuse the nails?

Once you soak off the nails you can save them for another wear. Take a small file, buffer, or e-file and buff off the remaining glue inside the nail. Use alcohol to wipe away the dust and they are ready to use again! You can find $10 e-files on Amazon! 

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