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Meet Janay


Hello! I am so happy you are here! My name is Janay and I am the owner and creator of Nailed by Janay. 

I create custom durable press on nails to save you time and money. 

I have always been obsessed with acrylic nails from the way they look, to remembering the feeling of my mom scratching my back with her long nails, to the sound of nails on a keyboard. I LOVE IT ALL. The first time I got acrylic nails I was in 5th grade while visiting my mom's best friend Janay- yes I am named after her! My mom dropped me off at the salon with specific instructions to get a French tip but that wasn't going to cut it for me. I nixed her "suggestion" and opted for something more me... bright hot pink with flowers. Imagine a 10-year-old walking around with these long pink acrylic nails. You couldn't tell me nothing! 

From then on, I loved having acrylic nails. I always had to have my nails done. It wasn't till my mid 20's that I realized I actually hate the process of getting my nails done and not to mention if one broke DAY RUINED. 

Early 2020 (pre pandemic) I started down the rabbit hole of watching TikToks of people doing their own acrylics and if there is one thing you should know about me is I believe I can do anything at least half decent. I bought all the supplies and started to do my own acrylic nails. Then the pandemic hit and luckily for me I knew how to do my own nails. I started posting my creations on my social media pages and friends and family started asking if I could do their nails. I worked in a nail salon before, but I am not licensed to physically do someone's nails, so the idea came of making press on nails. 

What I remember from press on nails though was always having to carry glue around and them lasting a few hours or a day. So, I set out on creating durable and reusable press on nails. I started making press on nails that were strengthened with either acrylic or builder gel and people loved them! I however was still a full-on acrylic girly. I realized if I am going to be selling these press on nails I should probably try them for myself. I put my first set on and documented how long they lasted and I WAS SHOOK. On day 8 my pinky nail popped off but that was it! I glued it back on and continued to wear that set for two full weeks. 

This is when I realized I was on to something and Nailed by Janay was born. 

Nailed by Janay is truly my passion project. I work in the finance world so by creating nails I am able to stay creative and create something my customers love. I will say it again because I truly am so happy you are here. Thank you for supporting Nailed by Janay! 



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